About Us

We are a racially and socially diverse house. We have people from all walks of life; some with children, without children, straight, bisexual, gay, of various gender identities, white, black, brown, disabled, skinny and fat and we tolerate no sexism, racism, homophobia or any other type of hatred based on ignorance.

We are a Lukumi traditional house. We are not Ifa centric. We do not work with a Babalawo on a regular basis. We are a working house with all major ceremonies performed here in Michigan and we have a satellite house in Southern Ontario – we do not typically travel to Miami or Cuba to do our ceremonies/initiations. We currently work in Mt. Clemens, Michigan for most of our large group events. Smaller events and birthdays will be held at the homes of our Ile members.

Lukumi (often spelled Lucumi), popularly known as Santeria, or La Regla de Ocha is a religious system brought to the New World island of Cuba by Yoruba slaves from Africa in the area that is now Nigeria. We do not have a ‘bible’. Our tradition is passed down from Godparent to Godchild. We often say you learn this religion with a broom in your hand. We are a community religion and you learn by doing and watching.

Yoruba belief has no oppositional set up – good versus evil, God versus a Devil. There are concepts of negative energies however – most generated by humans. One strives to develop good character and good works during your lifetime to evolve both yourself and your community.

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