Jackye Anderson, Babá Ladé

Babá Ladé Olo Obatala ati Oshun Ibu Kole

Espiritista, Pinaldero (Knife 6-23-2001), Lazareno (Initiate of Asojano)

November 15th, 1950 - December 8th 2012

Ordained March 5th, 1994 in Kendal, Florida by Sandra Leon, Omidára, [Oni Yemoja ati Aganju] and Ojigbóna Rita Guerra, Okantomi [Olo Oshun Ibu Kole]

  • Crowned Godkids: Andrew Kyle McGregor, Obatilemi, Oni Shango
  • Ojugbona of Ocha for: PK, TJ, Ben
  • Ojugbona of Pinaldo for: Corey Gruber

“Jackye was the most amazing cook and her mac and cheese is stuff of legends. But more than anything I remember her devotion to her Orisha. That women prayed longer than anyone I have ever heard. Every. Single. Day”


  • Coffee with sweet cream (or cream and sweet and low)
  • RUFFLES potato chips
  • reeses cup
  • peanut brittle
  • lemon anything

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Jackye with Ginger the dog at Andrew's house during his 3 month ebo ceremony.

Eshudina, Omilana, Babafemi, Efufulele and their Godmother Babalade.

Jackye at a Garden Party for Oshun hosted by Moboshade of Ile Osikan in Detroit, MI. The wind was making this young man’s performance difficult so Jackye stepped in to help.

Ibeyi Party at Omi Lana's 2008 - Jackye (Babalade, Ibae) & Linda (Ewe Ide).

Jackye, ibae, Kevin, ibae, Carrie, ibae

Jackye, ibae and Linda

Memories and notes from those who knew Jackye

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