Do's and Don'ts

We get it that you are interested in the Orisha and there are SO MANY things to research on the internet and SO MANY pretty things to buy. Coming from a traditional Lukumi standpoint here is our suggestions of things that are SAFE to research and things that are NOT safe.


– divination is only for priests and typically you should have divination done in person, face to face.

– don’t buy crap from the internet… Don’t buy an eleke.. Don’t buy an Orisha. These items, if needed, are consecrated specifically for you and you should be present during the process if at all possible. The crap being sold on Ebay, etc is not legit!!

– During your research, If you google anything regarding what happens in a ritual, stop reading… it’s either not for your eyes OR it’s not what is done in our tradition anyway (and it’s still not safe to read and consume)

– don’t set up an altar

– Orisha traditions are communal and hierarchical. These are not “do-it-yourself” traditions, and you cannot self-initiate.


– Start to reconnect with your ancestors. Learn their names, make a simple family tree.

– Observe and respect the Orishas in nature, check the Orisha pages for where.

– Find and get involved in your local community, check out the calendar if you are local to Michigan or contact us for help you connect with someone in your area.

– Buy cool things made by legit priests. Here is a safe space to buy awesome things that are appropriate to own without getting it from your Godparent.