Safety Tips

  • You should never feel rushed, intimidated or coerced into this religion. Fear is not how you should be motivated. Nor should you be bullied.
  • Anyone who wants to touch you in a sexually explicit manner under the guise of religion is an asshole. No ceremony in the religion involves any sort of sexual touching. Walk away, fast. Don’t be afraid, but don’t just brush it off either. No medicine or ashe has to be conveyed in a sexual fashion. Ever. Consider advising other elders of their antics; better yet, call the police.
  • EVERY legitimate priest can tell you their lineage. They can at least discuss who made them, where they were made, who the Oriate was and what other Priests were present at their initiation. They should also be able to put you in touch with someone who can confirm these things. If they tell you otherwise then that’s a good reason to decline to work with them and move on. We are not initiated in a vacuum and we are a communal religion.
  • Nothing meaningful comes fast or free – you don’t walk down to the river at a festival and come back a priest. Yes, we have seen people fall for this. No, its not legitimate.
  • You cannot “self initiate”, buy your Elegba online nor do we advocate long distance diloggun or obi readings except for exceptional circumstances by the hand of someone you trust who has preferably already read you once in person.
  • The religion on its own is beautiful and extremely deep. It requires a methodical, slow and patient exploration. Elders are slow to teach and educate others for a reason. Anyone who tells you they are going to teach you everything they know all at once and give you a grand destiny in the religion has nothing to teach you. They are a fool and will make a fool of you if you fall for the sales pitch.